Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Not given up!

Hello all. It's been a little while since the last update, but don't worry, lots of things are happening.

I've been working on my game - which has brought many new things into the engine that it needs.

A lot of the vertex / texture handling has changed, to speed things up a bit. Memory leaks have been completely wiped out now.

I've also worked in a loading screen, a very easy to handle game pausing system, and a way of making sure that a group of your commands are handled at the same time by the engine (freezing/unfreezing the drawing loop). Key and trackball events are now handled. I have also implemented a few functions to handle someone pressing the Home button, and keeping your game alive in the background.
The major feature of the next update will be an XML-driven menu system. It isn't finished yet, so is what is holding the update back, but it will be worth it. You can create very polished, very easy to manage game menu's - the transitions between menu's are handled by setting a single XML attribute. I decided to build this feature in because of the trouble I had in building my own sexy-looking menu system, I realised that if I needed to change it significantly, it would be a LOT of code to rework. By handling it all in the engine, new menu systems can be built in, literally, minutes!

Also, thanks to those of you who have been emailing in little bug fixes and alterations, I really appreciate it, and your code will be included in future version :)


  1. Hi, I was just wondering about how much stuff is likely to break when upgrading to a newer version of the engine. Obviously at the moment I'd expect quite a lot to change because it's so early in the development lifecycle, but I was hoping to get some sort of info.

    The keypress stuff sounds interesting to me. I already ended up implementing that in my own way, but it shouldn't be too difficult to switch it over, I hope.

    Keep up all the good work!

    Oh yeah, it would be nice to see some of the stuff you're working on appear in the svn repository as a development branch or something like that, then I could have a play around without waiting for a release.

  2. Stu: Nothing should break, and I've been trying to keep commands operating the same. Some of the SpriteModifiers have had their parameters changed, but nothing drastic.

    The reason I haven't been updating the SVN lately, is I'm developing the engine as part of my game, not as a seperate project as I had before. Give me a couple of days, and I'll extract out the engine from my game again :)

  3. Hi there :) . keep up the good work. I was going to start writin a game using the surface view. I was wondering how stable is the engine.

  4. Nice job with the engine!

    I suggest using glDrawTexfOES for sprite rendering. It renders *really* fast, though poses some restrictions: coordinates are fixed at lower-left corner and it doesn't support rotation.

  5. Hi. Thanks for your good work. I am rewriting our game using your engine and it is going in good direction. However I would like to know about two things. First - what is the possible time of extracting new engine version from your game? :) And second question - are you going to change licensing with this new version?

    Of course right now I can't help you with testing and reporting bugs because I don't know opengl well but I'll try to report any issues as soon as I can learn something more.

  6. I'm currently developing iPhone games, but am casually interested in porting my game to Android as well. Are you familiar with the Cocos2D iPhone project?

    In any case, I'll be following development as I get ready to try Android. Keep up the great work :)