Monday, 21 September 2009

Work in progress

So, I've made a few changes to our lovely game engine, and I've been working on my own game.

I'm not going to reveal all my secrets just yet, but I wanted to share some things I've been working.

I have created quite a decent a path following SpriteModifier. It takes an array of points, and your sprite will follow smoothly along it, rotating if necessary. I made this because it's the biggest part of the game I'm working on.

And, as proof of how easy the engine is. I went from no game, to where I am now (working on nicer graphics, bug testing) in just over a day.

Keep checking for my game release, and remember, get all the engine source code yourself free!


  1. You should take a look at

  2. Nice work!
    I've tried to modify some example in 5 minutes, and I have to say that is really inutitive with well described examples.
    I'll try to develop something with !
    I will post eventually discovered bugs...(I think just discovered a little one :P)

    Bye :D

  3. I've already taken some lessons from that Jyaif, it's certainly good advice.

    Enea, good job! If you can solve the bug too, it'd be much appreciated ;)

  4. I've added some stuff to the engine. How do I (and can I?) share it with you?

    for the bug I told you, I've not yet found a fix.
    but here: is the modified example that produces the bug.

    Bye :D

  5. There is a bug on my end in which the animations jerk about every second or so....

  6. Thanks Enea, please do. You can email whatever you like to and I'll look over it.

    Phred: That sounds like a memory leak somewhere, still working on those :)

  7. Great work Sticky.
    This is a fantastic initiative. I also proposed myself to create an engine like this.
    I doesn't have many experience in android but more than 20 years ago since I started to program.
    I specialized in middleware and optimization.
    So if you want any help with your engine, don't doubt to contact me.

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