Sunday, 18 October 2009

My game release

So, I've been beavering away, and finally got the demo version of my game out. Things are taking longer than expected - and unfortunately that means even more delays for the game engine :(

I'm almost there with the full version, once I've got this out of my system I can leave it for a little while and concentrate on updating the engine online, and beefing it up ready for my next project.

If you fancy having a play, or want to see what the engine is capable of...


  1. well done! quite nice flight control clone.

    for me it was a bit hard to get if the planes are landing.

    any idea when you'll release a new rokon version?

  2. This actually hard-locked and rebooted my phone. Was fun whilst it lasted though.

  3. keep up the great work!!!

    im downloading your engine and will try to start a game with it :)

    ive been working with some android lately, and got very interested in game developing for it (me and a friend who's doing blackberry)

    kind regards!!

  4. Anxiously awaiting your upload of the latest and greatest code to the Google Code Site. Good work on the game, and of course the engine.