Saturday, 19 September 2009

Rokon 0.11A

Well, it's been a whopping great 2 days of work and we've certainly made some progress here.

Below is a quick clip of the new features, as they are included in the new example's. A list of changes since the last version is also below. Please do comment or email in with your suggestions and bug reports. Thanks!

0.11A 19/09/2009
New Features
* Added the Particle engine
* Added Fixed and Scrolling Background classes
* Added Rokon.setBackgroundColor method
* Added Rokon.getTime method
* Added Rokon.makeFloatBuffer method
* Added Sprite.setOffset method
* Added Sprite.setVelocityRelative method
* Added the BasicHandler class
* Added the Blink SpriteModifier
* Added the Colorize SpriteModifer
* Added the Fade SpriteModifier
* Added the Grow SpriteModifier
* Added the Shrink SpriteModifier
* Added Example 10, a demonstration of particle effects
* Dramatically improved performance, removing many GC causes.
* Example 7 was updated to include the new SpriteModifier's
* Gravity SpriteModifier uses the Sprite's velocity rather than its own
* Many calls to System.currentTimeMillis have been replace by Rokon.getTime
Bug Fixes
* Sprite's without a Texture would raise exception when drawing
* SpriteModifier's would not update if Sprite is invisible


  1. VERY NICE!!

    it helps me a lot!!

    but in the example3,there aint any text be drawn on the screen.

  2. Hi,

    Yes I'm aware, there is a bug in the 0.11 release that stopped text from drawing (it worked in 0.10) It's fixed and ready for the next release in a couple of days :)